Parties and Other Events in Boston, Massachusetts

Summer is nearing its end and the crisp fall days are returning. But before school’s back in for another year, there’s still time for a few more big parties and events in the Boston area!

Coming up on at the end of August – the 29th to be exact – Boston parties head out on the water with the Summer Party Cruise Part 2. This is a hot dance event all night long where you can choose to rave indoors or under the stars. Enjoy the Sinatra lounge and have the chance to get a complementary henna “tattoo”.

If you are looking for Boston parties of a different style, then you may be more interested in heading to the Synergy networking event. Aimed at lovers of good music and art, this is one of the best Boston parties where you can meet new people and enjoy mingling.

But one of the quintessential Boston parties this fall will have to be The Red Sox v. Yankees Event centered around the famous Boston Red Sox. Enthusiasts and novices alike will have the chance to win tickets to Red Sox matches, autographed gear and more.

Labor Day, of course will be the big day for parties of all types throughout Boston as the city farewells summer. This is your last chance to wear your white summer shoes before packing them away for the winter, so put on your glad rags and get ready to party. Boston parties on or around Labor Day will be held in clubs, pubs and bars throughout the city. There’s a party somewhere in Boston to suit your tastes and budget if you want to get out to a big event.

But many Boston parties over Labor Weekend will, of course, be held in private homes. To celebrate the end of summer, a barbeque or some form of al fresco entertainment is sure to be a hit.

If you’re planning to host parties like these, remember that Boston can get chilly even at this time of year, so remember to open some of your rooms up for entertaining so guests can drift through if they feel the chill. If you’re a guest, remember to take a wrap or jacket with you to keep you warm as the chill sets in – or volunteer to help cook on the barbeque.